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The genus of Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea, belonging to the family Nyctaginaceae, It is one of the most important climbing flowering shrub of tropics and sub-tropics and it has 14 species, with three that are horticulturally important: B.spectabilis Willdenow, B. glabra Choisy, and B.peruviana Humboldt and Bonpland.

The woody main stem grows up to 15 meters tall. Blooms gather at the tips of the branches. The real flowers are insignificant but are enclosed in showy corolla-like bracts which constitute the decorative value of the plant. Bougainvillea flower continuously from spring to autumn in warm-hot regions.

Among bougainvillea’s horticultural hybrids, B. glabra x B. peruviana is by far the most common. This cross has its own hybrid name: Bougainvillea x buttiana. The original discovery of this hybrid was made by Mrs. R.Butt in a garden in Trinidad, hence the name. The leaves are large and ovate or heart-shaped with slight hairiness on both the upper and lower sides. The bracts are usually rounded, red or dark pink, and the thorns are straight and short. The small flowers are cream colored with pink tones, although the floral tube may be the same color as the bract.

Bougainvilleas are very easy to grow, but for the small garden the variety should carefully chosen as they can escape into trees and over houses using their very thorny stems as scrambling supports.

Bougainvillea is propagated by cuttings, layering, and budding. The methods to be employed for propagation would largely depend on the cultivar and agro-climatic condition prevailing at particular location. Those which are difficult to root need proper tenderization of propagation, time and concentration of plant bioregulators.

Bougainvilleas love a sunny, hot location. They will survive reasonably cold nights but have little resistance against icy winds. Repotting is every third year and should present no problems.
The genus of Bougainvillea

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