Friday, July 20, 2018

Tulip sweet lady

Tulips are commonly associated with The Netherlands, even though they are native to Central Asia.

Tulip sweet lady or Greigii tulips are also known as Greig's tulips and Turkestan tulips, a reference to the geographic origin of the species from which these hybrids derive.

They are shorter than most tulips, averaging about 10 inches tall. Flowers appear in mid-spring. Most varieties are bright shades of red, yellow, pink, white, or bicolor combinations of these hues. The foliage tends to be mottled in purple, creating additional texture in the garden.

Characteristics of this species include the flower forming a double bowl, with the inner three petals held more upright than the outer three, which arch back as the flower opens.

Mostly with mottled or striped foliage, flowering later than kaufmanniana. Leaves spreading normally on the ground, mostly strongly undulated. Flower shape variable. Greigii tulips are an exceptional landscape value, even when they're not in bloom, because their foliage is like having beautiful, unusual host as in the garden.

Tulipa greigii has given rise to an assortment of very early flowering charming cultivars, varieties, and hybrids that flower just a tad later than T. Kaufmanniana.
Tulip sweet lady
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