Wednesday, August 12, 2015


A most popular ornamental shrub, sometimes a climber, bougainvillea was first collected by Commerson,  a French tourist from Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil and was named after famous French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainvillea.

It belongs to the family Nycataginaceae and has originated in tropical and sub-tropical South America.

Flowers of bougainvillea are typically arranged in three-flowered dichasia. Flowers are enclosed by large, often petaloid, bracts (involucre). The flower appears in summer and remains throughout the entire growing season. When blossoming is finished, the brightly colored spothaceous bract becomes green and dry.

The colors of the bougainvillea are bright and wonderfully diverse: white, pink, scarlet, orange, yellow, salmon and lavender. Their colorfulness is immediately associated with Mediterranean and southern countries.

Bougainvillea is a quick-growing shrub and varies in height according to different species and cultivars. The leaves are simple, alternate, roundish ovate or elliptic-lanceolate.

Bougainvilleas are woody vines that can rapidly cruise through a greenhouse if given free rein. Vines can reach up to 15 feet and may need tying up or trellis support.

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