Monday, April 22, 2013

The Moss Rose

In their true form, moss roses are naturally occurring mutations – called sports. They get their name from small hairs on their stems and the bottoms of their flower.

The moss rose or Rosa Centifolia Muscosa is believed to be a sport from the Provence Rose. The original type of the race – the Old Red Moss was introduced into England as early as 1596.

The common double moss rose was imported into England from Italy about the year 1735.

They are distinguished from other roses by the moss-like substance which surrounds the flower-buds and by the marled Provence scent. The shoots are thickly covered with small spines.

The flowers are double come in shades of whites, pink, and red and are very fragrant. Early moss roses bloom only in spring, but newer hybrids are good repeat bloomers.
The Moss Rose
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