Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yard is too little

Yard is too little
A small yard can be seem bigger, more welcoming and a lot more charming when you employ a few basic gardening techniques.

With these methods, you can transform your cozy little yard into the garden of your dreams:

Soften the edges of your lawn so they don’t seem so imposing. If you have a fence, you can
*Paint the fence with the bright color (dark colors heathen the sense of constriction).

*Add lush vines or climbing roses.

*Adorn the fence with potted plants

Create varied layering effect – that is, position different plant types and textures above and behind one another stepping up the edges of your yard.

Some gardeners literally display a combination of in-ground and potted plants on and around a rack or stepladder.

Add a local point – a statue, a small fountain, or one spectacular pot or urn with a big, dramatic plant or showy combination of plants; this move draws attention away from the close boundaries.
Yard is too little

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