Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bedding of Tulips

Mass bedding has been a popular way of using tulips ever since its reception in the mid-nineteenth century.

The style is best suited to large open spaces and in particular public parks, square and roadsides.
Seeing tulips used in this way does not really help us imagine how best to use them in the confines of a domestic garden but considering this approach perhaps can draw some helpful conclusion.

The uniform, strongly colored cultivars so frequently encountered in our city streets have been developed to provide a spectacular burst of color that draws attention to the changing seasons and often to the architectural settings in which they are used.

The tulip as an individually beautiful flower is ignored as it is the mass effect that is required.
Drawinhybrid tulips, are perhaps the least elegant of the tulips groups, are amongst the most effective in these situations.

However, this should not mean we reject such cultivars for the home garden but rather that we should use them there in a different way.

Too often, however, such displays fail to receive our appreciation; in spite of their vibrancy, they an easily become monotonous and no more than a conventional part of the urban background.

What is called for is a little more creativity and sensitivity, both in the selection of cultivars and in the ways they are arranged and associated with one another as well as with other possible companion plants.
Bedding of Tulips
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