Tuesday, December 20, 2016

History of carnation flower

The carnation has been in cultivation for more than 2000 years and in early Greek history was also mentioned under the name of gilliflower and is in the highest favor for its beauty and rich spicy odor.

Theophrastus calls the carnation ‘flowers of Zeus’ identified as the carnation Dianthus inodorus (now called D. sylvestris) in the Loeb edition. It was used for chaplets had no fragrance and blossomed in the summer.

White carnation
It is the principal florist’s flower in Germany and Italy, from which the countries the British florists procure their best Carnation seed, and also some esteemed variety.

The carnation as a garden plant was introduced into America over one hundred years ago. In 1831, the Massachusetts Horticultural Society offered a prize for carnations.

At one of the society’s exhibitions, held August 1, 1829, a seedling was shown and the Messrs. Winship and David Hagerstown exhibited one hundred varieties in 1830.
History of carnation flower
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