Sunday, September 25, 2016

Lilium bulbiferum (lily orange)

Several different orange lilies are roadside or near-roadside inhabitants. The most common are Day Lily and Woody Lily. The other orange lilies that can be found near the road one native, Turk’s Cap and one from Asia, Tiger Lily.

Lilium bulbiferum, common names orange lily, fire lily and tiger lily is the hardiest and most suitable for extensive shrubbery decoration. The flower is a great ornament to the garden, both on account of its stately height and rich orange-colored petals.

Lilium bulbiferum
The varieties vary considerably in color from dazzling red to bright orange and are very effective when seen from a distance. Lilium bulbiferum will grow in almost any soil or situation, also under the shade of trees – qualities certainly possessed by few plants.

This orange lily is the freest to flower of all tribe, and is less injured by removal, as tee laves do not make their appearance till late in the spring, so that it lies in the ground dormant for many months, during any part of which time it may be transplanted with safety.
Lilium bulbiferum (lily orange)

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