Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Waterlily Tulipa kaufmanniana

It is one of the very good ornamental species and very popular. Kaufmann’s tulip is name after a governor general of Turkestan. It is sometimes known as the waterlily tulip as its flower open out horizontally in full bloom, giving it a waterlily-like appearance.

Usually the earliest blooming, Kaufmanniana hybrid tulips are short in height and long blooming. ‘Kaufmanniana Type’, which dates from 1877, is one of many multicolor varieties most of which display combinations of cream, red and yellow.

The star-like flowers in striking colors open wide on sunny days, giving rise to the common name of waterlily tulip. These charming gems are an excellent choice for the rock garden, and they’re ideal for permanent plantings in beds and borders.
Waterlily Tulipa kaufmanniana
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